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Ultraviolet | Iridescent White Purple Glitter Eyeshadow


'Ultraviolet' by Bolive Beauté is a mesmerizing white glitter pigment with a mysterious purple shift. This enchanting eyeshadow invites you to elevate your beauty routine into a transcendent experience, shimmering like stardust on a moonlit night.

Iridescent Brilliance in Every Look: The luminous white base of 'Ultraviolet' transforms into a hypnotic purple under different lighting conditions. This fine glitter pigment offers a dynamic and multi-dimensional effect, creating an enchanting play of color that captivates all who gaze upon it.

A Creation of Celestial Glow: Crafted with the expertise of Bolive Beauté, 'Ultraviolet' is designed to leave a lasting impression. It echoes the brilliance of rare gemstones, ensuring that your makeup look radiates with celestial perfection.

Versatility Beyond the Eyes: While 'Ultraviolet' creates ethereal eye looks, its magic extends beyond. This unique formula enhances lips, cheeks, or body art, offering limitless possibilities for artistic expression.

High-Quality, Comfortable Wear: Formulated with care, 'Ultraviolet' guarantees long-lasting wear and comfortable application. Its high-quality ingredients are suitable for all skin types, making this glitter pigment a versatile and essential addition to your makeup collection.