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Introducing "Spearmint" Glitters—a secret weapon to create stunning, sparkling looks that defy the ordinary. Developed by renowned NYC makeup artist Beauty By Melissa, our unique glitter blends are meticulously crafted to elevate your artistry, whether on canvas or on your skin.

Key Features:

  1. Maximum Dimension: Unlike flat traditional glitters, our custom-mixed Spearmint blend bursts with multidimensional hues that dance and play in the light. Each glitter particle tells its own captivating story, taking your art to dazzling new heights.
  2. Diamond-like Brilliance: Our Spearmint glitter not only shines, but glistens spectacularly, capturing the essence of a diamond's sparkle. Each application provides a mesmerizing luminescence that rivals nature's most precious gems.
  3. Artistic Versatility: Whether you're a makeup artist sculpting the perfect look, a painter adding magic to a canvas, or a crafter accentuating intricate details, our Spearmint Bolive BEAUTÉ Glitters are your perfect companions. These glitters offer unparalleled adaptability and seamlessly integrate into any art form.
  4. Skin-safe & Eco-Friendly: We prioritize safety and sustainability. That's why Spearmint Bolive BEAUTÉ Glitters are both skin-safe and eco-friendly.

Elevate your artistry with Spearmint Glitters—your key to creating show-stopping, sparkling looks that defy expectations.