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Sex on the Beach | Coral Orange Glitter Eyeshadow


Embrace the Tropical Elegance of Sex on the Beach: A coral orange glitter eyeshadow that's as enchanting as the iconic cocktail. Dive into the vibrant world of tropical hues and transform your beauty routine into an exotic escape.

Vibrant Coral Radiance: Inspired by the mesmerizing colors of a beachside sunset, 'Sex on the Beach' envelops you in its warm, tropical coral shades. Its lively orange tones are perfect for creating looks that stand out with a sun-kissed brilliance.

Sparkle Like Diamonds: This glitter isn't just about color; it's about capturing the essence of luxury. Each particle is designed to reflect light with a diamond-like brilliance, ensuring that your look shines with a dazzling, multi-dimensional sparkle.

Unleash Your Creativity: Bolive Beauté knows no bounds when it comes to artistic expression. 'Sex on the Beach' is not just for your eyes – it's equally stunning on the lips and can be used to add a touch of tropical glamour to any part of your look.

Step into Paradise: With 'Sex on the Beach,' Bolive Beauté invites you to explore a world of beauty where the possibilities are as endless as the ocean. Add this glitter to your collection and let your beauty shine with the vibrant energy of a tropical paradise.