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Melly's Favorites Set


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Introducing a stunning 12-piece glitter collection, carefully curated by the talented NYC makeup artist, Beauty By Melissa. Inspired by her expert artistry and creativity, this exquisite set showcases shades that hold a special place in Melissa's heart, reflecting her passion for creating enchanting looks.

The Set Includes:

  1. G.O.A.T: Be captivated by this standout shade that embodies greatness, with its mesmerizing sparkle and dimension.
  2. Canary: Illuminate your eyes with the radiant allure of this golden glitter, reminiscent of a canary's song.
  3. On Pointé: Achieve precision and elegance with this glitter that's always "On Pointé" for any occasion.
  4. In The Nude: Enhance your natural beauty with a touch of shimmer from this versatile nude shade.
  5. Moët: Indulge in the effervescent and glamorous champagne-inspired shimmer of Moët.
  6. Date Night: Add a touch of allure to your eyes with this glitter, perfect for romantic evenings.
  7. Honey: Embrace the sweet and irresistible charm of Honey, with its warm, golden glow.
  8. Savage: Unleash your fierce side with this bold and impactful glitter that demands attention.
  9. Moxie: Embrace your confidence with the empowering and captivating sparkle of Moxie.
  10. Jacaranda: Experience a truly mesmerizing look with the enchanting blend of hues in this unique shade.
  11. Twilight Zone: Dive into the depths of the night with this mysterious and captivating glitter.
  12. Brown Suga: Embrace warmth and elegance with the rich tones of Brown Suga, suitable for any style.