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H2O | Iridescent Teal Glitter Eyeshadow


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'H2O' by Bolive Beauté is an exquisite loose eyeshadow pigment that captures the essence of the ocean's depths. This unique iridescent teal shade adds a mesmerizing and enchanting twist to any makeup look, perfect for those who wish to embody the vibrancy of oceanic wonders.

Iridescent Teal for a Fluid Beauty Experience: The iridescent finish of 'H2O' is like the ever-changing hues of the sea, transitioning from teal to a spectrum of other oceanic colors in different lights. This transformative effect allows for a dynamic and captivating eye makeup look.

Versatility at Its Peak: Whether used wet for a more intense and dramatic effect or dry for a subtle shimmer, 'H2O' offers versatile application options. Its adaptability makes it perfect for creating a range of stunning effects, from bold to ethereal.

A Testament to Premium Quality: As part of Bolive Beauté's renowned line of loose eyeshadow pigments, 'H2O' upholds the highest standards of quality. Its finely milled texture ensures seamless blending and a luxurious feel.

Highly Pigmented for Impactful Looks: A small amount of 'H2O' provides intense color payoff, ensuring that your look is both vibrant and long-lasting. Prepare to turn heads and make a lasting impression with this stunning iridescent teal pigment.

Embrace the fluid beauty of 'H2O' from Bolive Beauté, and let your eyes shimmer with the captivating allure of iridescent teal, reminiscent of the ocean's mysterious and ever-changing beauty.