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Fairy Dust | Iridescent Pink Glitter Eyeshadow


Pink Fantasy: 'Fairy Dust' is an iridescent pink glitter eyeshadow that brings a touch of magic to your makeup collection. This enchanting shade by Bolive Beauté is perfect for those who love to add a sprinkle of whimsy and charm to their beauty routine.

Embrace the Magic of Iridescent Pink: The iridescent pink hue of 'Fairy Dust' is like a dreamy, magical realm come to life. Its ethereal glow is both playful and captivating, ideal for creating looks that are as enchanting as they are beautiful.

A Sparkle Straight from Fairy Tales: Every application of 'Fairy Dust' leaves a shimmering, fairy-tale-like effect. Its particles catch the light and radiate a spectrum of pink shades, creating a mesmerizing look that’s reminiscent of mythical realms.

Unleash Your Fantastical Side: 'Fairy Dust' is more than just an eyeshadow; it's an invitation to explore the fantastical side of your personality. Whether you're aiming for a subtle shimmer or a bold, otherworldly look, this eyeshadow adapts to your imaginative desires.