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Big Steppa


Unleash your inner power player with "Big Steppa," the most dynamic and versatile color-shifting glitter yet. This mesmerizing glitter effortlessly transitions between deep, rich browns that exude warmth and sophistication, opulent golds that emanate luxury and glamour, lush greens that embody the vibrancy of nature, and ocean blues that captivate with their depth and tranquility.

With every glance, Big Steppa leaves an indelible impression, making each moment a bold and captivating statement. Elevate your look and let your true colors shine with Big Steppa!

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Color Palette: Effortlessly transition from warm brown to luxurious gold, vibrant green to mesmerizing blue with just one application. Your look will always exude elegance and confidence, staying three steps ahead.
  • Versatility Refined: This exceptional product goes beyond enhancing your eyes; it elevates your lips, nails, and any feature you desire to highlight. Embrace limitless creativity and express your unique style like never before.
  • Uncompromising Quality: Meticulously crafted with utmost precision, this product offers maximum dimension and sparkle in any artistic endeavor. Each shade is thoughtfully selected to deliver unparalleled richness and depth, ensuring breathtaking results every time.