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Rich B*tch | Gold Glitter Eyeshadow


Rich B*tch' by Bolive Beauté is a true gold pigment eyeshadow that redefines luxury in makeup. Designed for the bold and confident, this high-impact eyeshadow elevates your beauty to astronomical heights, making it the perfect choice for those unafraid to flaunt their extravagant style.

True Gold Brilliance for Unmatched Elegance: Dive into the authentic, radiant gold hue of 'Rich B*tch.' This eyeshadow's true gold brilliance takes your makeup game to celestial levels, offering an elegance that's both timeless and luxurious.

Shine That Rivals the Stars: Meticulously crafted to capture and reflect light, 'Rich B*tch' offers luminosity that's unparalleled. Its radiant shine ensures that your look is not just seen but remembered, creating an impact that's truly out of this world.

A Single Swipe of Luxury: Highly pigmented for maximum impact, 'Rich B*tch' delivers a rich, opulent effect with just one application. Its lasting formula ensures that your glamorous look stays flawless all day and night.

Versatility in Luxe: 'Rich B*tch' is not limited to just the eyes; it's a versatile glamour tool perfect for the face and body too. Whatever look you aim for, this pigment is your go-to for adding a luxurious touch.

Trusted Quality for Comfortable Wear: Formulated with premium, skin-friendly ingredients, 'Rich B*tch' guarantees not only a stunning appearance but also comfortable wear. Trust in its quality to provide a makeup experience that's as enjoyable as it is extravagant.

Step into the world of high fashion and lavish beauty with 'Rich B*tch' from Bolive Beauté, and let your beauty routine shine with the unrivaled brilliance of true gold.