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Heaven | White Gold with Holographic Reflect Glitter Eyeshadow


'Heaven' by Bolive Beauté is a mesmerizing loose eyeshadow pigment that transports you to otherworldly realms. This dazzling white gold shade, enriched with holographic reflexes, offers a divine addition to your makeup collection, elevating your beauty to celestial heights.

Iridescent Splendor in Every Stroke: The iridescent finish of 'Heaven' features a heavenly white gold base with holographic reflexes. These reflexes capture and reflect light, creating a luminous display that's both enchanting and ethereal.

Customizable Intensity for Every Look: 'Heaven' offers versatile application options. Apply it dry for a subtle shimmer, or use it wet to achieve higher levels of intensity and drama. This versatility makes it perfect for a range of looks, from angelic to otherworldly.

Rich Pigmentation for Luxurious Impact: A single swipe of 'Heaven' delivers a rich color payoff, showcasing its intense pigmentation. Each application is a luxurious experience, leaving a lasting impression with its vivid and radiant hues.

Crafted with Expertise and Quality: Meticulously developed by Bolive Beauté, 'Heaven' represents the pinnacle of premium quality in eyeshadow. Its finely-milled texture and expert formulation ensure that it not only looks divine but also feels heavenly on the skin.

Step into a world of iridescent beauty with 'Heaven' from Bolive Beauté, and let your eyes shine with the celestial brilliance of white gold and holographic reflects.