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Luxe Lipgloss Bundle


Indulge in the luxurious Bolive Beauté Luxe Lipgloss Bundle, a carefully curated collection of exquisite lip shades that will elevate your makeup game. This bundle offers a range of shades, from sheer shimmers to pigmented hues, to suit any mood or occasion. The formula delivers an ultra-glossy finish that is non-sticky, providing a smooth and comfortable feel on your lips. Choose your favorite shade and let your lips speak volumes.


  1. Soft Life: Clear gloss with gold, silver, and holographic reflective shimmers.
  2. MVP: Sheer rose pink with gold, silver, and holographic reflective shimmer.
  3. Glow'd Up: Sheer mid-tone brown with gold, silver, and holographic reflective shimmer.
  4. Tapioca: Light peachy beige.
  5. She's So Flirty: Light nude pink.
  6. Style & Grace: Light peachy nude.
  7. So Siditty: Dusty rose.
  8. Aphrodisiac: Light toasty brown.
  9. Teddy Bare: Mid-tone brown.

Key Features:

  • Variety of Shades: Choose from 9 beautiful shades to match your style and mood.
  • Ultra-Glossy Finish: Enjoy a luxurious and shiny finish that enhances your lips.
  • High-Shine Pigmented Shades: 5 pigmented shades and 3 shimmer toppers for versatile looks.
  • Smooth and Comfortable: The formula feels comfortable on the lips without any stickiness.
  • Long-Lasting: Keep your lips looking beautiful throughout the day.