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VVS | Iridescent White Silver Glitter Eyeshadow


'VVS' by Bolive Beauté is an embodiment of luxury in the world of beauty. This iridescent white glitter pigment offers a mesmerizing shift that captures the essence and sparkle of a white diamond, making it a quintessential confidante for those who adore luxury and brilliance.

White Diamond Shift for Unmatched Radiance: Inspired by the flawless clarity of VVS diamonds, this glitter pigment showcases a captivating white diamond shift. It captures and reflects light with an unparalleled sparkle, granting a mesmerizing radiance that's truly enchanting.

Crafted with Precision for Maximum Dimensionality: Meticulously crafted by the renowned NYC makeup artist Beauty By Melissa, 'VVS' is designed to exhibit maximum dimensionality. It mirrors the impeccable clarity and brilliance of high-quality diamonds, ensuring that your makeup is nothing short of spectacular.

Versatility That Dazzles: 'VVS' is not limited to just the eyes; it's a versatile beauty enhancer. Whether adorning your eyes, lips, cheeks, or body, this eyeshadow adds the perfect amount of sparkle to any look. Its universal appeal makes it a glamorous addition to any makeup collection.

Incredible Payoff with Quality Ingredients: A single swipe of 'VVS' transforms your appearance with the allure of the most coveted gemstone. Crafted using top-tier materials, this pigment ensures long-lasting wear and comfort for all skin types. Embrace your beauty with the confidence and brilliance of VVS.