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Under Pressure


Experience the captivating allure of "Under Pressure" with our diamond-inspired glitter. Meticulously crafted, it mirrors the breathtaking sparkle of nature's most cherished gemstone. Just as coal transforms into a diamond under intense pressure, this scintillating glitter effortlessly elevates your beauty look from ordinary to extraordinary with a single brushstroke.

Product Highlights:

  • Diamond Brilliance: Drawing inspiration from the genesis of real diamonds under pressure, this glitter delivers the ultimate sparkle, capturing and reflecting light from every angle.
  • Craftsmanship by Beauty By Melissa: Custom-mixed by renowned NYC makeup artist, Beauty By Melissa, each particle is meticulously designed to offer maximum dimensionality, providing a multi-faceted shimmer that rivals the real thing.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Perfect for eye artistry, and equally effective for lips, cheeks, and body decoration. Wherever you choose to apply it, the result is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Glittering Perfection: Immerse yourself in a world where glitter dazzles flawlessly, rivaling the sparkle of a finely cut diamond.
  • Quality Ingredients: Our long-lasting glitter is safe for all skin types and crafted with premium ingredients to ensure maximum comfort and staying power.